Prelude to War (Book 1)

Prelude to War (Book 1)

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This is the first book in the series, Sparrow Wars in the Garden of Bliss: A La Barre Family Saga. It is 1928 in Beaumont Texas and Richard Barre is a successful carpenter with a lovely wife, and three sons. He believes his simple life is all he needs and is content. His rural upbringing on the family plantation in Louisiana still is a lure to an idyllic life. However, it is a constant struggle to retain their family legacy in a constant changing modern world.


As a third son descendant of generations of third sons, Richard feels he is luckier than most people. When he is dealt fateful and tempting wild cards, he must choose wisely if only to save his family and perhaps his soul. For every tempting gain, an ill wind blows, perhaps this is the La Barre family curse.

After the stock market crash of 1929, any joys or slight rewards are forever diminished by the forboding feeling. Thus, Richard believes his youngest son, Barton Carl Barre is either destined for greatness or ominous ruin perhaps as a result of Richard's actions and the curse. He hopes to be the spiritual guiding compass to save the boy and the rest of his growing family.


This is an uplifting and heartfelt story during a dark history of America's early 20th century. This is an adult novel with adult language and themes depicting family life, young love and renewed love and hope.

Published by Archway Publishing Released 09/05/2013

628 pages, softcover.


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