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The Backstory

I have found such a sense of fulfillment in my own life since I began writing this series of books. I have spent my life surrounded by books, my head stuck in a few at all times, and I enjoyed writing. But one's life takes strange turns along the highway, some roads are potholes and others are the express lane, zipping past the mundaneness of daily life and preventing one to stop and smell the roses or at least savor one's experiences. My professional career was far from creative and perhaps my inner-self needed to rise like a Phoenix and have a creative renaissance.

In 2009 after deciding not to rejoin the world searching for another job in my career, or finding something else to do, I was blessed with a week's worth of dreams, fueling my inspiration, and feeding my creative spirit. Each night, a multitude of characters and storylines flowed through my mind like a grand Cine-scope movie. It was then I realized it was more than a dream, perhaps the divine spark to get me back to doing my beloved art.

Challenged and intrigued by the idea, one day I sat at my computer and emptied my head out on the blank screens, filling them with the contents of what originally was 'the book' but has become thirteen. Over the next few months with dreams that accompanied me each night, I wrote five books in the series, and plotted and planned for the remainder. By 2013 with nine books written, I began publishing. There begins another tale.

I enjoy writing about my passions, world history, arcane arts, what might interest other people, and share it with the world. With each passing day, Garden of Bliss Books gains more followers, and with that, I hope even more success.

Here in this section, you will find the book synopses and news about their publication. Thanks for your time! Be sure to spread the word by reviewing my books then sharing the site and keeping up with me.